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3 Best Pizza Dough Dockers

Do you actually need to look for the best pizza dough dockers? Is this tool actually missing out from your kitchen?

Well, the answer is probably not. Not really. You’ll soon understand why.

You might actually consider that getting a good pizza cutter is more important than shopping for the best pizza dough dockers.

Also, don’t confuse it with pizza dough rollers. They’re two separate things. A docker punctures the dough, while a roller does exactly what it sounds, it helps you stretch the dough until it has the shape and thickness you desire. Plus, a roller can even be a machine.

Top 3 Pizza Dough Dockers

1. Top Recommendation: Pizzacraft PC0214 Dough Docker

If you don’t take your pizza dough dockers that seriously and you just want the most affordable choice that will do an awesome job, the Pizzacraft PC0214 Dough Docker offers exactly that. Plus, that orange color is something else, it will stand out in any drawer.

2. Just as Good: Ateco Dough Docker

This time we have a not-so-popping color. We get a simple white pizza dough docker, also made of plastic. But it’s also very durable, very easy to use, the quality is great. And the price is still decent.

3. Expensive: Update International RD-5 Stainless Steel Pizza Roller Docker

What justifies the higher price for the Update International RD-5 Stainless Steel Pizza Roller Docker? The fact that it looks really good, it will match a stylish kitchen. The roller is made of plastic but the spikes and the handle are made of stainless steel, it’s a very appealing combination. So, the stainless steel is what raises the price.

What Are Pizza Dough Dockers?

I’m absolutely certain that many of you haven’t even heard the words pizza dough dockers or know what they mean.

Many of us have come across them while researching how to make the best pizza.

Or when searching for the best pizza stone or baking steel we saw a suggestion for a pizza dough docker and ended up finding out that these tools exist.

Or some of you might have worked in a pizza place and have seen the chefs there use one.

Something like that.

Even so,

A dough docker is not essential at all to making good pizza.

It doesn’t influence the taste.

For example, a pizza peel is so much more important. Even a dough scraper or a pizza cutter ranks higher on the list of priorities than a dough docker.


It’s an interesting little kitchen tool so, why not learn more about it?

What Does a Pizza Dough Docker Do?

  • it’s a very small rolling pin with spikes and a handle
  • it creates uniform dimples (very small holes) on the dough
  • those small holes made into the dough prevent the dough from inflating, those air pockets that are formed when the dough is baked at very high temperatures
  • the inflated bubbles can get burned and that’s why the docker is used
  • but for that to happen the pizza needs to be baked at high temperatures, which happens in a brick oven or when using a pizza stone or a baking steel
  • so, that’s their only purpose: decrease the bubbles in the crust from forming, it keeps the dough from bubbling up
  • you could also use a fork or the end of a spoon
  • it works for flat breads like focaccia, too

Best Pizza Dough Dockers Top 3 Models

best pizza dough dockers

Let’s see which are the top options when it comes to this tiny adorably-looking kitchen tool.

1. Pizzacraft PC0214 Dough Docker for Pizza Crust or Pastry Dough

  • it seems that I’m starting my list for the best pizza dough dockers with the one that looks the most funny of them all
  • that orange color definitely attracts attention
  • but it’s also one of the cheapest and my first recommendation
  • it’s made of plastic
  • works great
  • it’s very durable
  • it’s a perfect choice, you can’t take these kitchen tools too seriously – there are 2 more models below that look more adult-like

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

2. Ateco Dough Docker

  • the Ateco is almost double the price of the Pizzacraft, let’s see if it’s worth it
  • I like the white design, simple and neutral
  • very durable
  • made of plastic
  • very easy to use
  • really nothing bad can be said about it, choose it if the orange color of the Pizzacraft dough docker scares you
  • easy to clean but wash it by hand

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

3. Update International RD-5 Stainless Steel Pizza Roller Docker

  • it’s one of the most expensive best pizza dough dockers
  • I definitely wouldn’t spend so much on a pizza dough docker
  • it also looks amazing, it fits perfectly in a stylish kitchen, which is not my style at all, maybe I need to grow up more
  • highly durable
  • the roller is made of plastic but the spikes and the handle are made of stainless steel, it gives an industrial vibe, professionals would love it
  • dishwasher safe, very easy to clean by hand, too

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

And there you have it, are you interested in getting any of these 3 best pizza dough dockers or are you going to continue making pizza without using one?