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5 Best Dough Scrapers (Bench Scrapers) That are Totally Worth it

Getting the best dough scraper or the best bench scraper, however you want to call it, can prove useful in the kitchen.

Many people don’t think that it’s going to help them much but once they start using one they discover how integral in their baking and cooking it can be.

Even so, it’s not an essential kitchen tool.

It’s not like you cannot make dough unless you have one of these things lying around. There are many people who don’t even use one.


Even the absolute best dough scraper is a cheap product so, if you’ve got the chance, get one. Test its usefulness. It might surprise you how often you’ll end up using your bench scraper.

Dough Scraper Uses

dough scraper uses


  • the name gives us the best clue for its primary use: scraping stuck dough from the work surface without leaving any scratches behind – cleaning done effortlessly without any damage
  • if you’ve got a baking steel, you can use a dough scraper to clean it, it won’t damage it but if you want to avoid any cleaning work use parchment paper
  • bench scrapers can be very useful when kneading dough – while kneading, the dough might stick to your work surface but with a scraper you can quickly pull the dough and sprinkle more flour, getting back to kneading
  • great for working with sticky dough, even releasing it from the bowl will go without problems and not much will be left behind
  • if you want the perfect tool for cutting dough, you’ve found it
  • a plastic dough scraper can even be used for mixing
  • these tools can also be used for transferring chopped vegetables
  • it can even be used to smooth frosting on a cake
  • all in all, a best bench scraper can turn out to be a little kitchen tool that you didn’t know you need

How to Pick a Good Dough Scraper

  • there are two main materials to choose from: stainless steel and plastic
  • the stainless steel is the most prevalent material
  • the handle is an important decision factor – it must fit the hand comfortably while offering a good non-slippery grip
  • the handles are made from either plastic or wood – both materials can be very good if they’ve been properly designed and properly manufactured
  • some prefer the wooden handle just for aesthetic purposes – it does look nice
  • the plastic dough scrapers are very flexible, good for mixing, and perfect for cleaning bowls, they’re also very durable
  • the steels ones are not flexible at all and they don’t work as bowl scrapers, you need flexibility for that task
  • some models are really cheap while others are just by a few dollars more expensive – there’s not a huge price difference no matter which model you end up choosing
  • even if you buy one and you don’t end up using it too much, you won’t regret it because a best dough scraper is a cheap kitchen utensil – on the same level as getting a spatula

Top 5 Best Dough Scrapers -Bench Scrapers

best dough scrapers

My list features 4 best dough scrapers that are made of stainless steel and one particular set consisting of 3 pieces (it’s a combination of 2 bench scrapers, one stainless steel the other one made of plastic, and a plastic bowl scraper).

They’re all pretty affordable, some quite cheap, but the first combination is probably my favorite. It’s a very good stainless steel bench scraper that comes accompanied by a quirky plastic bowl scraper with all kinds of measurement conversions on it.

1. Spring Chef Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper/Bench Scraper Chopper

  • this is actually a set: a best bench scraper with a bonus bowl scraper – it’s a winning combination
  • the dough scraper is made of stainless steel with 1 inch measurements on the blade
  • the sturdy plastic handle is of the highest quality and it fits the hand comfortably – it’s a top feature
  • very good for dough cutting
  • the price is pretty much the same as the OXO but this one also comes with a plastic bowl scraper that’s a bit quirky because it features a measurement conversion chart on one side – quite the unexpected addition
  • if you get it on sale, the price for this set is one of the cheapest you can find
  • clean it by hand, it’s very easy to clean, don’t put it in the dishwasher

Where to Buy?

Check Price & User Reviews Here

2. Winware Stainless Steel Dough Scraper with Wood Handle

  • the sturdy look of this one implies durability
  • classic design with wood handle, it looks really good
  • feels very solid
  • the wood handle offers a good grip and it’s one of my favorite aspects about this bench scraper
  • high quality for a really cheap price, about the cheapest best dough scraper on this list, not considering the set made of 3 pieces, that one is sold for a hard-to-believe price but it’s excellent
  • good for dough cutting
  • dishwasher safe
  • overall, the Winware Stainless Steel Dough Scraper with Wood Handle is a best bench scraper of high quality for an unbelievably cheap price

Where to Buy?

Check Price & User Reviews Here

3. OXO Good Grips Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Scraper & Chopper

  • OXO always makes good products, I just had to include it on my list
  • it’s also the most expensive best dough scraper on the list
  • stainless steel blade
  • very good handle, shaped to fit the hand comfortably
  • very good for dough cutting
  • includes 1 inch measurement marking on the blade
  • dishwasher safe

Where to Buy?

Check Price & User Reviews Here

4. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Bowl Scraper/Chopper

  • this is like the epitome of a classic bench scraper
  • it’s made of stainless steel with 1-inch measurement marks along the blade edge
  • the nonslip handle is the finishing touch
  • one of the best bench scrapers even though it’s not quite the cheapest
  • very good for cutting dough
  • dishwasher safe

Where to Buy?

Check Price & User Reviews Here

5. Chef’n Pastrio 3-in-1 Bench Scraper Set

  • this is the only plastic best dough scraper on my list
  • it’s actually a set that contains 3 pieces
  • one is a stainless steel dough scraper with a plastic handle
  • the second is also a best dough scraper only that it’s made of plastic in case you’re concerned about scratching the surfaces – it’s actually the only plastic dough scraper on this list
  • one of those 3 pieces is actually a very good bowl scraper made of plastic
  • it’s obviously flexible, which makes it perfect for cleaning bowls and removing sticky dough from them
  • perfectly safe for children
  • considering there are 3 pieces in this set, I would say that it’s a really cheap set, it’s an incredible deal, there might be no better one
  • these 3 pieces can be nested together for easy organized storage
  • dishwasher safe
  • all in all, an excellent set, high quality for the price

Where to Buy?

Check Price & User Reviews Here

Now that you have read these short reviews for these 5 best dough scrapers, what do you think: are you interested in using a bench scraper and see how it can aid you in your baking experiences?

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