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Cutting a Pizza: How Many Options Do We Have?

Who knew that cutting a pizza could turn out to be a pretty interesting subject? Pizza is definitely one of the best foods on the planet, it’s definitely worthy of our attention and that includes knowing how to cut a pizza.

Well, I guess that cutting a pizza is something I just did. It’s not like I stood in front of a pizza and instead of salivating and wanting to eat a slice as soon as possible, I was analyzing the multiple ways in which a pizza can be cut. Or the correct ways to do it.

When it comes to making pizza at home, my energy is put into buying the best flour, making an amazing dough, the combination of toppings and what everyone likes best, considering using a pizza stone for high quality baking. And that’s when my train of thoughts stops. It doesn’t go beyond.

It usually doesn’t reach the cutting a pizza station because I take my wheel pizza cutter or my chef’s knife and that’s it, in a few seconds it’s done. The pizza is cut into slices, though I don’t claim them to be equal, and everyone can eat.


There can be so much more to talk about when it comes to the best ways of cutting a pizza. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s delivery pizza or one that you spent your precious free time making.

Cutting a Pizza As Soon As It’s Out of the Oven

cutting pizza-different ways

Restaurants cut pizzas as soon as they’re out of the oven. They use ultra-sharp cutters and their pizza cutting is effortless and flawless.

So, if you’re making pizza at home, as soon as you get it out of the oven, you can slide right through if you’re using a very sharp pizza cutter.


If you’re using a chef’s knife because you don’t a pizza cutter around, then it’s best to wait for it to cool down for a minute before getting down to cutting pizza with a chef’s knife.

That’s a prevention to avoid the cheese from sticking to the knife’s blade, which might end up dragging the toppings along with the cheese when you rock the knife back and fort.

After the first passing, you can also use a paper towel to clean the blade of the glued cheese because you’re need to rock the blade a couple of times to get from end to another, it will not go straight through the whole pizza in a single fluid movement like a wheel pizza cutter does.

If you’re going for delivery pizza with a lot of toppings, you might like to request that your pizza should be delivered whole.

You can cut the pizza at home, as soon as it’s delivered when it’s still hot and it will be perfect.

Why am I saying that you should cut it yourself? Because it will prevent the toppings from sliding off. But that applies to pizzas full of toppings. If you’re getting a cheese pizza, you can let the restaurant cut it for you.

Cutting a Pizza: Best Pizza Cutting Tools

Cutting a pizza can be done in a bunch of different ways but, in my opinion, using a wheel pizza cutter is simply the easiest method. It’s also the fastest.

Let’s see what other options we have when it comes to the best pizza cutting tools.

1. Wheel Pizza Cutter

When it comes to cutting a pizza, using a wheel pizza cutter is simply the easiest method for absolutely everyone.

A sharp pizza cutter is a kitchen tool that can last for many years and it’s cheap, too. I can’t imagine not having one and I’ve used a wheel pizza cutter since I was little, it’s made me realize that having very sharp cutting tools is a top priority.

I also discovered that when I started using a chef’s knife with a bit of a dull blade, not among the best, and I ended up cutting myself until I said enough is enough and I decided to spend more on getting a knife with a very sharp excellent blade.

The same goes for a pizza cutter, it’s still a knife but with a round blade, which is why the sharpness of a wheel pizza cutter is the top priority.

Wheel pizza cutters are also one of the most affordable pizza cutting tools and they’re easy to find.

You can easily get a best wheel pizza cutter for less than $10 and it will work perfectly. A wheel pizza cutter like the Farberware Professional Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter is perfect or even cheaper is the Winco Winware Pizza Cutter.

As I said, there are a lot of options when it comes to affordable pizza cutting tools and these two are just one of the best examples.

2. Pizza Rocker Knife

A pizza rocker knife a very big slightly curved blade that will easily cut a pizza in any shape and size you want, without disturbing any of the cheese and ingredients.

It’s the perfect option for a lot of people and the second most popular option, after wheel cutters.

They’re very efficient and quick but their price is a bit more expensive than the best wheel.

Still, unlike the wheel models, the pizza rocker blades offer a bit of versatility. You can chop herbs, cut butter, brownies, flatbreads, and even meat.

As long as you get a nice really sharp blade, you’re ready to turn into a pizza rocker knife lover.

Check out my post on the best pizza rocker knives if you want to discover some really impressive models.

3. Chef’s Knife

I love frozen cheese pizzas, four cheese is one of my favorites and the easiest dinner when I have no energy to make anything. That’s one of the occasions when I use my chef’s knife for cutting a pizza.

The frozen pizza is smaller than the ones I bake and my chef’s knife is very sharp and it can cut through a thin crust pizza with few toppings without making a mess.

When I’m using a chef’s knife for cutting a pizza, I first cut the pizza in two halves and then I separate those two halves and make those into 3 or 4 slices by rocking my knife just once. For cutting the pizza in half, I need to rock the blade twice, first from one end and then I rotate the pizza and cut from the opposite end.

It might take a bit longer to get the job done and the slices might not come out perfectly equal but at least you don’t have to spend extra money on getting a pizza cutter.

If you have a very sharp chef’s knife, use it as a pizza cutting tool, too. You’ll get used to it in no time.

4. Pizza Scissors

If you’re making square pizza, using a pair of pizza scissors for cutting a pizza can be perfect. I haven’t yet developed a very deep appreciation for scissors as cutting tools in the kitchen, it’s still something new for me.

What I would have to complain about when it comes to scissors as pizza cutting tools is that they’re a bit expensive, especially when we compare them to wheel pizza cutters.

Pizza scissors are incredibly sharp and can be used for cutting both round and square pizza, many users end up loving them so, if you want a different pizza cutting tool than what we grew up used to, a pair of scissors like the Fiskars Non-scratch Kitchen Shears might be what you where looking for.

Cutting a Round Pizza into Squares

A round pizza can be cut into squares, too. If you want to cut it into tinier pieces than the traditional slice, you can definitely do that by using whichever of these pizza cutting tools that you’d prefer or have in the house.

If you cut a round pizza into tiny squares, they can be eaten more easily by everyone, which comes in handy if you’re having a gathering or throwing a party.

Kids will love hunting for the bigger square pieces or they might end up squabbling, you never know. Square-cut pizza can end up being a total hit.

I also wrote a post focused on the best pizza cutters, check it out if you want to see what are the best options at the moment, although I already mentioned a lot of them in this article on cutting a pizza and the several ways you can do that.