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Best Pizza Rocker Knives for Awesome Cutting Skills

best rocker knives for cutting pizza

When it comes to choosing pizza cutters, there are two main camps: those who use a wheel cutter and those who go for the best pizza rocker knives.

Moreover, a new category emerges slowly: those using a pair of scissors.

I must admit that I like wheel cutters the most because that’s what I have mostly been using for the last 20 years. Back then, pretty much everyone was team wheel when it came to pizza cutters.

Thus, besides reviewing the best pizza rocker knives, we’ll also going to be talking about these alternatives.

Best Pizza Rocker Knives: My 4 Picks

1. Best: Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter

The Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter is not my top recommendation only for the fact that it has one of the best prices. The main reason is that it’s absolutely sharp, it cuts a whole pizza in as many slices you want in a few seconds. I also love the design, with the whole blade and handle being constructed from one solid piece of commercial quality 18/0 steel. And it has a plastic holster for storing it safely. Go with the 14-inch blade if you’re not into always making huge pies.

2. Great 2nd Option: KitchenStar Pizza Cutter

It resembles my above top recommendation pretty well, this one being just by a bit more expensive. It’s awesome as a second choice for those who find something dissatisfying with the Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter. Plus, you can choose from 3 sizes: 14, 16, and 18 inches blade.

3. Expensive: Dexter Outdoors 20 inch Pizza Rocker

This one is made in the USA and it’s just so fancy. It’s made from proprietary dexsteel high-carbon, high-alloy stainless steel for enhanced sharpness and it cuts like nothing else. Although, I must admit that its name was a big reason for including it. At 20-inch, it’s huge but it doesn’t come with a cover, which is disappointing for that price level.

4. Pizza Cutter Made of Wood: Epicurean Pizza Cutter Natural/Slate

Did you ever think that it was possible to encounter a cutter made of wood on the list for the best pizza rocker knives? I’m intrigued by the Epicurean Pizza Cutter but it’s not my top recommendation. That’s because some users consider it the absolute best, while others say that it’s quite dull. Overall, it makes an interesting choice.

My Reviews for the Best Pizza Rockers

We’re going to focus on only the best rocker knives because this is not a purchase you make often. Maybe it will last a lifetime.

The design will be the same for all:

  • long slightly curved blade
  • 2 handles on both ends
  • or one big handle across the top of the blade
  • protective cover for the blade so that you can safely store it in a drawer – sadly, only some of the rocking blade cutters come with protection when it should be a common feature for all

1. Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter – Overall Best Pizza Rocker Knife

The Checkered Chef is the manufacturer that wins the overall title for the best rocking blade pizza cutter.

That’s the first piece of good news. The other? It’s quite affordable.

Sure, it’s not cheapest best pizza rocker knife on the market but, given its quality, it has a really good price tag.

This is the kind of tool that makes you bake more just so that you can see it in action.

There are 2 options: the 14-inch blade and the 16-inch one.

I think that the 14 inches blade is more than enough, unless you’re in the habit of always making extra-large pizzas.

Either of the two will make you want to experiment with different toppings and different crust thickness, just to see how well the Checkered Chef cuts through it all like a knife through butter.

Really sharp blade

The blade is obviously incredibly sharp, otherwise it wouldn’t be my first recommendation.

What I also like is the whole design: this pizza rocker cutter is constructed from one solid piece of commercial quality 18/0 steel.

The handle is just rounded stainless steel but it still manages to feel comfortable. You won’t be disappointed that it doesn’t have a plastic or wooden handle.

It is dishwasher-safe but, since this cutter is pretty much one slightly curved very large knife, it can be easily washed by hand. It will only take a minute.

For storing it safely, we get a plastic holster.

This rocking cutter from Checkered Chef can be used to: slice, mince, and scoop. From cutting herbs to slicing up brownies, it certainly doesn’t lack a flair of versatility.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

2. KitchenStar Pizza Cutter – Just as Good

I really mean it when I say that this KitchenStar is just as good as the Checkered Chef one. They’re both two of the best pizza rocker knives.

They also have close prices, although the Checkered Chef is cheaper, and look almost the same.

This is also a one-piece cutter, the handle is rounded stainless steel.

It’s also extremely sharp. And it comes with a protective cover for the blade.

There are 3 options: 14-inch, 16-inch, and 18 inches blade.

It’s very popular among buyers but there are some complaints, like it happens with any product.

Some complained that the blade was already dull after a month of use.

Other complaints are related to its sharpness not matching the expectations. That’s a pretty big con when it comes to any knife.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

3. Dexter Outdoors 20 inch Pizza Rocker – Expensive Cutter

For the fun of it, let’s see what this extremely expensive rocking blade cutter has to offer.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, you could buy about 4 regular best pizza rocker knives for the price of this one.

Well, I love the name but it doesn’t make me quite thing of eating. In my mind, the name evokes more gory scenarios due to a certain show.

As far as I am aware, it’s one of the few best pizza rocker knives that’s made in the USA.

It’s also made from proprietary dexsteel high-carbon, high-alloy stainless steel for enhanced sharpness. I got the enhanced sharpness aspect and that’s all I’m interesting in.

Since it’s so popular and praised by those who had the fortitude to pay this much money on it, we can assume that this is indeed one of the best knife cutters.

The advantages are its sharpness, it’s also hand honed to last a lifetime, and it has a unique blade geometry for long-lasting, easily-restored performance.

The 20 inch blade is also really big if we compare it to other 14- or 16-inch cutters.

The major con?

It doesn’t come with a protective blade. Why didn’t the manufacturer thing of such a simple but completely practical aspect, I couldn’t say. But it doesn’t make me happy.

Put is somewhere where you don’t blindly stick your hand in. Or wrap it in a towel if you have kids around that. Most definitely do that because this blade is really sharp.

I’m also not in love with the design. Those two tiny black plastic handles one each side look a bit out of place.

A full handle over the whole upper part of the blade would have been more attractive. But that’s just my personal opinion.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

4. Cuisinart CPD-050 Quick Cut Pizza Cutter

I am not exactly sure why I decided to review this model. Maybe I am fascinated by the controversy surrounding it.

Let me explain: some consider it the best pizza rocker knife or the best cutter while others say that the blade is dull.

Those are two extreme points of view.

Frankly, I don’t consider it to be excellent, either. It wouldn’t be my first choice at all.

It has a 15-inch blade, it’s quite big. And it looks really nice with with rubber grip handle.

But it doesn’t even come with a protective cover for the blade, even though its price is not cheap at all.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

5. Epicurean Pizza Cutter Natural/Slate

We reviewed the best pizza rocker knives made of stainless steel. Now, it’s time to review something quite different.

The price is quite affordable so, the difference is not there. It’s in the material used for making it.

The Epicurean cutter is made entirely of wood – trees harvested under the guidelines of the North America sustainable forestry standards.

This is a modified natural material that is lightweight, durable, nonporous, knife friendly and dishwasher safe.

It’s an interesting concept and it looks just really good. I love unique tools and this one is even made in USA.

The major reason for including it is that it promises to cleanly cut the thinnest crust to the thickest pizza.

You can hang it for easy storage.

They also state that if you’re cutting on Epicurean cutting board, it will not dull the blade and you will have to sharpen less. Although, I don’t exactly enjoy the idea of buying new cutting boards when I already have more than I even use.

What users say

When it comes to reviews, some consider it fantastic and amazing, while there are just a few who say that it’s quite dull and you need to rock it back and forth multiple times before it cuts.

The 16 inch size is really big, it’s easy on non-stick pans but it won’t entirely fit in many. You will have to use it on the cutting board more often than not.

Some have bought it because it’s safe for younger people to use, too, since it doesn’t have an extremely sharp metal blade.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

How to Pick the Best Pizza Rocker Knives

Since a pizza rocker cutter is a knife, a sharp blade is what actually matters. That’s the feature you must be concerned about.

You don’t want to use a blade that will disturb all the toppings and drag them all over the place. That’s not what the best pizza rocker knife represents.

I think that the beauty of a rocker cutter is that it can have more than a single use. In general, pizza cutters have only one purpose: cutting pizza and that’s about it.

But when we’re talking about choosing the best pizza rocker knives, you should also know that we can also use them for: chopping vegetables and cutting herbs, piece of butter, desserts, and meat.

You can also cut waffles, flatbreads, and quesadillas.

A rocker blade cutter can replace a chef’s knife to some extent. I think that adds another dimension to these best pizza rocker knives that we reviewed.

Another piece of advice: cut the pizza as soon as it’s out of the oven. If you’re using an ultra-sharp rocking cutter, the slices will be perfect and with the toppings and cheese in place.

Can you sharpen a pizza cutter?

Of course you can and it’s definitely recommended to do so when you feel the blade getting dull.

If you already have experience with sharpening other knives, then you’re all set. These are blades like all the others.

Or you can take them to a professional for sharpening.

But you can also check out a sharpening guide and see what you need. Basically, you need an awesome knife sharpener, which doesn’t cost all that much but it’s not exactly cheap, either.

How to Use a Pizza Rocker Cutter

You don’t have to do much, that’s the whole point of shopping for the best pizza rocker knives.

You just have to rock it from side to side, just like the name says.

The movement reminds me of a boat rocking on big waves. Or maybe I watched too many cartoons when I was little.

So, one rocking and the pizza is halved. Another rocking and you already have 4 pieces. You get the succession.

You need just 4 rocking movements and you have 8 slices.

Make the slices as tiny as you want in just a few seconds, simply by using the best pizza rocker knives. However, the same can be said about the alternatives.

Best Pizza Rocker Knives Alternatives

One of these alternatives might already be in your kitchen and you’re not giving it a try.

Chef’s knife

What better alternative to a pizza rocking blade cutter than an actual very big, very sharp chef’s knife?

It can absolutely do everything a rocker cutter can do, without the rocking.

If you’re in need of more gadgets, check out my pizza oven thermometer article, dedicated to those using wooden- or gas-fired ovens.

I use my knife of smaller pies and simply don’t bother getting the cutter out of the drawer. That’s reserved for bigger pizzas or for when I’m baking lots in a row.

Wheel cutter

Some will always prefer the ease with which a sharp stainless steel wheel can cut through any type of pie.

It doesn’t hurt that very good ones can be as cheap as $5 to $10. Very few will cost more than $15 or $20. That’s pretty much not something that we see when it comes to shopping for the best pizza rocker knives.

I also like the fact that even children can use a wheel cutter, as long as a parent supervises them.

Unfortunately, this is the type of tool that only has a single use, unlike a rocking blade pizza cutter. But the prices are cheap and it doesn’t occupy too much space in the drawer.

A wheel is especially recommended for those who love making deep-dish, extra-saucy pies.

If you want a nice comparison between a rocker knife and a wheel, check out this short but pretty funny video.


If you’re ready for something completely different than the norm, I suggest considering a pair of scissors.

They’re absolutely sharp but their price is also a bit expensive.

You can cut both round and square pizza and many people absolutely love using them.

What I like about this tool is that it comes with a nylon base that allows them to cut food without damaging the surfaces or dirtying a cutting board. They can be used on the pan, baking sheet or plate.

The shape of the handle is also designed to leave toppings in place and keep the hand away from the food.

Scissors also offer the same versatility as the above best pizza rocker knives and their prices are quite similar.