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Best Pizza Cutters (Buying Guide)

best pizza cutters

Choosing and reviewing the best pizza cutters is going to be easy. There are more than a few interesting options to choose from and I’m here to make that choice even easier and faster.

The role of a pizza cutter is simple but extremely important: to cut a whole pizza in a matter of seconds without dragging out the toppings and the cheese.

Each slice needs to be cut perfectly with its ingredients intact, whether we’re talking about a thin-crust or a deep-dish pizza.

Best Pizza Cutters: Wheel Cutter vs Rocker Knife vs Scissors

As you can see, the choice for the best pizza cutters is split into choosing between:

  • wheel
  • rocker blade
  • scissors

I should also mention that if you don’t have any of these 3, you can just use a chef’s knife. It works really well for smaller, thin crust pizzas. You’ll slice them up in no time with a chef’s knife. But it gets harder to use if you have one loaded with toppings and a thicker crust.

Some models can be used for more than cutting pizza. For example, a rocker knife can be used for slicing, mincing and scooping. You can use it to chop herbs and to slice up bars and brownies.

On the other hand, a wheel cutter has one main purpose: slicing up a pizza. It can also be used for cutting brownies into nice, clean squares.

Scissors are the third option for the best pizza cutters and they also have some nice versatility.

Best Pizza Cutters: Wheel Cutter Reviews

Wheel cutters are what I call the classic ones.

This type is the the one that most of us have used or end up using and my favorite because they work easily if they’re very sharp.

They’re don’t take up a lot of drawer space.

They can also be used to cut dough into smaller pieces if you don’t have a dough scraper.

1. Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel – Best Wheel Pizza Cutter

Although this is not the classic wheel pizza cutter with a handle, the Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel is still one of the best pizza cutters on the market.

It has an ergonomic handle so, instead of holding a handle, you’re actually holding the wheel by an ergonomic handle that covers the blade in your hand.

It also has a retractable blade guard, you can store it absolutely anywhere without any risks.

The handle and the guard are positioned high enough that even a full-of-toppings pizza can be cut without touching the toppings.

The cleaning is effective, too, because you can easily take it apart, clean the handle, the blade, and the guard and the let it dry and put it back together.

It is dishwasher safe but it can be easily washed by hand, just be careful with the sharp blade, hold it tightly with your fingers.

It obviously has a sharp blade otherwise no matter how cute it looks and how easy it is to handle it would be all for nothing.

Obviously, it’s a stainless steel wheel blade.

Overall, this is my first recommendation. It’s sharp, easy to use, and the price is really good. It’s no wonder this wheel best pizza cutter is so popular.

2. Farberware Professional Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

The Farberware Professional Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter is my second recommendation as the best pizza cutter when it comes to wheel cutters.

It’s a bit more expensive and that’s why it falls on second place.

But it’s fantastic. The classic look with a plastic handle, I like the black look.

The sharpness of the blade, the ease with which it cuts through whatever type of crust is the feature that makes this cutter so impressive.

The high quality is what this pizza cutter is famous for.

Just be careful where you store it because it doesn’t come with a guard.

The blade is stainless steel.

It’s very easy to clean but it’s also dishwasher safe. Let it dry before storing it.

3. Winco Winware Pizza Cutter – Cheapest Best Pizza Cutter

These pizza cutters are really cheap. But they’re also sturdy, they look simple but nice, and they have sharp blades.

There are actually two options from this manufacturer: the 2.5-inch diameter blade and the 4-inch one.

I think they’re both awesome, a 2.5-inch is small and nice and it will work just as well.

The 4-inch diameter blade might be a bit too big for some. I really like that they have two sizes.

I really like them and I think that they should be on everyone’s list, the price-quality rapport is unbeatable.

What more is there to say? Great cheap price, sharp blade, size variety, and overall just a product that does what it’s supposed to. Aren’t we always looking for that?

4. OXO SteeL Pizza Wheel and Cutter

I’m going to say what many people tend to say when it comes to this manufacturer: you can’t go wrong with OXO. That’s the case for this best pizza cutter from them, too.

It’s a 4 inch round blade that’s absolutely very sharp. That’s what we love hearing.

Moreover, I really like the design. I love the overall stainless steel, metal look with the black, thin edges. It’s nice.

The price is not bad , either.

It’s also dishwasher safe.

5. Dexter-Russell 4″ Pizza Cutter

If you want a change from all that talk of stainless steel blades then maybe you want to read about a wheel cutter made from high-carbon steel.

However, is there are actually a difference between stainless steel and carbon steel?

It turns out that they’re both made from the same ingredients of iron and carbon but that carbon steel has under 10.5 percent alloy content, while stainless steel must contain 10.5 percent chromium or more.

That’s nice and all but how does it translate when it comes to cutting through dishes like pizza?

It seems that they both can be very sharp. You won’t get a less shaper cutter if you go with stainless steel. It’s actually the material that most amateur cooks are familiar with.

Carbon steel can be preferred by professional cooks because it can honed to a very sharp edge and the blades are generally more wear resistant than stainless blades.

Thus, the Dexter-Russell 4″ Pizza Cutter is highly resistant to wear and it has a a really sharp edge. That can definitely make the slightly more expensive price totally worth it.

However, you should be aware that high-carbon steel is vulnerable to rust.

So, how do you wash a high-carbon steel wheel cutter?

First of all, don’t put in the dishwasher. Wash the blade immediately after using it with warm soapy water and dry it with a towel once you’re done. That’s it.

6. Star Trek: The Original Series USS Enterprise NCC 1701 Pizza Cutter

Don’t get mad at me but I will admit that I haven’t watched Star Trek. I’m not proud of it but I just haven’t gotten around to it, although I’m in my 30s.

Nonetheless, I love the look of this pizza cutter.

I wouldn’t have chosen to review it just because it looks so quirky. It has a sharp stainless steel blade.

It’s not good just for putting it on a shelf, you should put it to work. Just like someone said in a review “It does the Trek”. This is merch that is useful, too.

The price is quite expensive but it can be an awesome gift for movie lovers.

Best Pizza Cutters: Rocker Knife Reviews

Rocker knives are very good and they can be a bit faster than using a wheel.

They have a long slightly curved blade with handles either on both ends or one big handle across the top of the blade.

Using a rocking move, you can cut through any type of pizza in a matter of seconds, without disturbing any of the toppings.

You can also use this type to also chop herbs by rocking it from side to side quickly. Or for chopping vegetables or for cutting brownies and bars.

They’re quite bulky, they can take a bit of space. The good thing is that some models have protective covers so you can throw them in any cupboard without problems.

Furthermore, rocker blades can be a bit more expensive than wheel cutters.

If you want even more awesome options, check out my article on the best pizza rocker knives.

1. Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Rocker – Overall Best

If you’re tired of your wheel cutter or maybe you just want to see how a rocker performs when cutting through any type of pizza, then there’ no better option than this one from Checkered Chef.

First of all, the price of this thing is pretty much in the same range as you average wheel cutter. So, you don’t have to worry about spending too much money on it.

Second of all, it’s just overall great.

It has an incredibly sharp blade, which the main feature that we’re interested in. Checkered Chef checks out this box with flying colors.

The blade and the handle are made from one solid piece of commercial quality 18/0 steel. There’s no cover over the handle, it’s simply one piece of stainless steel that still manages to feel really comfortable.

Another important feature is that it includes a plastic holster for safe storing. It’s really complete.

There are 2 sizes: 14-inch blade and 16-inch blade. I would say that most people should get a 14 inch blade. It’s really big and it will handle most pies, unless you’re in the habit of baking really big ones.

Maybe you bake in a huge outdoor wood-fired oven and you need to feed a lot of people at the same time. In that case, the 16-inch blade is really great.

Those baking in countertop ovens or even portable outdoor ovens, will be fine with the smaller option.

2. Dexter Outdoors 20 inch Pizza Rocker – Expensive & Huge

This one is for those who are searching for the the best pizza cutter but they absolutely need it to be huge.

This rocker from Dexter is not only huge because it has a 20-inch blade but it also has a huge price. But how cool is the manufacturer’s name?

The design is not the most impressive. It has 2 small black handles on each side but those 2 small handles just distract me. Why not make it a full black handle on top?

Also, there’s no protective cover. Be careful where you store it away. Or wrap it in a towel for extra-safe keeping.

Okay, now let’s move on to the cool features. I guarantee that the expensive price is not for nothing.

The Dexter Outdoors 20 inch Pizza Rocker is made in the USA from proprietary dexsteel high-carbon, high-alloy stainless steel for enhanced sharpness.

I didn’t get what all those words mean but it’s very sharp, indeed.

Moreover, it can also boast about a unique blade geometry for long-lasting, easily-restored performance. It’s basically meant to last a lifetime if you sharpen it from time to time.

All in all, as the best pizza cutter with a huge blade, this thing is absolutely impressive. And the most expensive model on this list.

3. Checkered Chef Premium Pizza Cutter and Cutting Board Set

If you don’t want to spend too much money on this rocker blade + cutting board set, just get the rocker knife from Checkered Chef. It’s awesomely good and it has a very nice affordable price.

This set is a bit more expensive but I really like the idea of a cutting board that has guides so that you can cut 8 identical pieces.

The rocker blade

The rocker pizza cutter is really sharp and quite big.

This is not as tiny as wheel cutters or even a pair of scissors, it takes more drawer space. It’s 14 inches long, a bit longer than the 13.5 inches wooden cutting board with 8 grooves for slicing pizza.

The handle offers a good grip and the blade comes with a cover.

It is dishwasher safe. But it’s also very easy to wash it by hand, there are no parts to take apart.

The cutting board

The cutting board is demarked so that you can always cut the perfect slices. If that’s something that interests you, check it out.

You can turn the board upside down and it becomes a regular cutting board, the grooves are just on ones side so, you won’t be limited to using the cutting board just when you want to have 8 equal pizza slices.

Best Pizza Cutters: Scissors Reviews

I must confess that I haven’t used scissors to cut my pies. However, I got the inspiration of reviewing a pair of kitchen shears as the best pizza cutters after my trip to Italy, where I saw them being used in Rome and I was like “kitchen shears are not only for Korean barbeque?”.

I think it can be a nice way of cutting a pizza, especially when you bake square ones. I must confess that, if I bake them square, I either use a chef’s knife or my wheel pizza cutter. So, I tend to stick to what I know and what I’m comfortable with.

Even so, scissors in the kitchen are an interesting idea, including for meat cutting and even for herbs if you don’t mind chunky pieces. But they’re a bit expensive.

Fiskars Non-scratch Kitchen Shears

If you want to try something new, why not experiment with a pair of pizza scissors?

They’re not shaped like our usual pair of scissors but I love the shape. And the orange color of the handles.

And I really appreciate the fact that a nylon base covers the lower blade so there’s no risk of scratching the pans.

The blades which are made of stainless steel are really sharp. They will cut easily through all types of crusts. That’s what really matters.

However, for some, a period of adjustment might be needed, especially if you’re switching from wheel to scissors.

Others, based on their reviews, are simply loving them. While there are some who say that you need strong hands.

The good news is that they cut trough mostly anything. They’re certainly versatile and, to be honest, the idea sounds amazing.

What I’m not crazy about is the price. They are quite expensive but at least the quality is top-notch.

They come apart easily for cleaning and they are dishwasher-safe.

How to Pick the Best Pizza Cutters: It’s all about Sharp Blades

It’s a simple kitchen tool and, since it’s about cutting through a crust with a bunch of cheese and toppings glued to it, the most important feature is the sharpness of the blade.

You don’t want to drag the toppings off the crust.

That’s pretty much all there is to it: using a very sharp pizza cutter.

Pizza cutters should also be sharpened, it’s a blade after all. I think sharpening it once a year should be enough because we, normal consumers, don’t use it so often. Maybe once or twice a week, at most.

If you have a pizza cutter, when you order pizza, you should tell them to leave it uncut. If they deliver it uncut and you cut it at home, you can make sure that the cheese and toppings won’t be falling off the slice.

You just take it out of the box, set it on a plate, and cut it. The toppings and the cheese will look perfect and stay in place.

The best places to cut a pizza on are:

  • large plates
  • large cutting boards – I prefer them, they’re very stable, you don’t have to hold onto the cutting board fearing it will move around from your cutting motions
  • directly on the baking steel if that’s what you’re using for baking it – check out my post on the best pizza stones and baking steels if this is the first time that you’re hearing about them
  • cut the pizza in the baking pan if you’re sure that it doesn’t scratch easily – let it cool down a bit, you might touch the edges by accident and get burned

How to Use a Chef’s Knife as the Best Pizza Cutter Substitute

If you’re not in the mood for getting any of the above pizza cutters that I’ve reviewed above, let’s see how you can cut a pizza without one.

Let’s say you don’t want an additional kitchen tool in your drawers and you simply don’t want to spend the money on it, although most have really decent prices.

There’s on perfect pizza cutter replacement: a chef’s knife.

That’s the large knife with a large very sharp blade that anyone who cooks regularly can’t imagine life without it.

Frankly, my chef’s knife is the kitchen tool I couldn’t live without. If you cook often, you need a very good one.

I often use it to cut my pizza when I don’t want to wash my pizza cutter, which is a wheeled cutter and the knife is easier to wash since it has a straight blade.

Plus, using a chef’s knife to cut a pizza is really easy if you have a smaller pizza that’s almost the size of the blade.

Just remember this if you’re using a chef’s knife: let the pizza cool down for a bit whether you’ve made it yourself or you’re just baking a frozen pizza. The cheese won’t stick to the blade if it’s not extremely hot and melty.

How to use a chef’s knife to cut a pizza

The first step is to cut the whole round pizza in half.

You just press on the blade of the knife and the lift it a bit from the back to the tip so the whole blade, including the tip cuts through the pizza. Since the knife should always be very sharp, it will go through the toppings, the cheese, and the crust without dragging them down or disrupting their place.

You won’t be able to cut the pizza in half from one cut so you need a second cut to make two equal halves of pizza.

The easiest way is not to continue from where the cut stopped but to turn the pizza around and start from the outer crust again, pressing on the knife until you complete a straight line.

From there, it’s very easy. Pull the two halves apart and turn them into slices, they don’t have to be perfectly equal.

However, to make cutting faster, it’s best to just choose the best pizza cutter for you.

I wouldn’t have imagined that I would be having so much fun writing about the best pizza cutters on the market but, thanks to the wide variety of choices and the good prices and the high quality of all these pizza cutters, it turnes out that I did.