Hi there! I’m Denisa. But more importantly, I’m a bread newbie.

It just means that, even though I have many years of experience using a bread maker, I’m still very new to oven baking. It’s a whole new world for my and I want to experiment with many different recipes.

This blog helps me a lot in my new hobby because I sometimes don’t follow through with my interests so I always need an incentive.

If you have an interesting one, leave a comment. I will definitely try it.

I don’t believe that there are people who buy a bread maker and find afterwards that they can’t do anything with it. At least I hope there aren’t. It would be a little sad to discover that.

Just to make sure that’s not the case, maybe I can teach you how to use your machine. It would be lovely! So, enjoy this blog that’s written by a girl who doesn’t know how to make dough but makes excellent tasty bread!

I’ve had two makers up to now. My mother initiated me into the world of making your own bread by actually letting a machine do it for you. And I loved it! I still love it today after all these years!

How it all started

The first bread maker that I used was bought by my mother. I think she read somewhere on the Internet about them and she loved the idea. In the beginning, I was very skeptical. I actually made fun of her, of her idea of making her own loaf when there are so many stores where you can go and buy bread.

Oh, I was so wrong believing that the homemade bread made and baked by a machine wouldn’t taste better or different than store-purchased one. Nowadays, I believe that there’s no comparison between them!


I also love making pizza. The reason I love it so much is because my machine, just like any other bread machine, makes really good dough. As I’ve told in the beginning, I’ve never made dough manually. Maybe I’m going to make an exception for this blog, we’ll see how this journey evolves.

Getting back to my machine dough, everything becomes really simple. I add the ingredients (flour, water, salt, sugar, vegetable or olive oil, yeast not exactly in this order), and then I select the dough cycle, and press Start.

Meanwhile, until the dough cycle is complete, I have plenty of time to take care of the rest of the ingredients that are going to make a delicious pizza. And that’s how I’m able to make tons of pizza. When I make pizza I don’t make just one. I make enough for a very big family and many friends that come over.

I’m not a very good cook and thats why I’ve chosen a bread maker instead of baking my own loaf. Its all so simple and exciting.

You just add the ingredients, press a button, and let the machine do the work with its kneading blade, its removable nonstick pan, and its perfect temperature.

That was the reason for falling in love with my bread making machine that was completely worthy of the medium price I paid for it.

However, I’ll also experiment with various recipes, I’ll make breads by hand. That’s really exciting for me!

What I like…

  • Obviously, on the first place is the basic white all traditional bread.
  • For a long time I’ve also eaten whole wheat bread. It’s really good. I love its consistency. It’s kind of rustic, if I may describe it like that. What I liked most about it is that it makes excellent toast. I think it’s about time I should mention one more thing about me. I pretty much only eat toast. With everything.
  • Thirdly, I adore baguettes. Unfortunately, my bread maker doesn’t make baguettes so this is the only bread that I actually buy. I love sandwiches, particularly in baguettes. When I haven’t bought a fresh baguette, I use my homemade bread instead. The end result is delicious that way, too.
  • And let’s not forget about focaccia and pita bread. With pita bread you can make the most awesome souvlaki. And both are infinitely better than store-purchased versions.

I eat homemade bread each and every single day. The only exception is made when I eat a delicious baguette, pasta or pizza. My culinary world is perfect!

Oh, and one last thing that I have to say before inviting you to discover my blog is that the bread made by my bread maker makes the best croutons.

Enjoy my blog!