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How to Keep Bread from Molding: Top 4 Tips to Keep Bread Fresh for Longer

There are all kinds of tips when it comes to knowing how to keep bread from molding. We’re going to be talking about all they ways for keeping bread fresh, whether you’re making your own bread or you’re interested in knowing how to keep store-bread from molding.

What Causes Mold to Grow on Bread?

tips to keep bread from molding

The sight of mold on bread makes me lose my appetite a bit. That’s definitely a good reason for wanting to know how to keep bread from molding, whether we make our own bread or we’re concerned about store-bought bread and we’re interested in keeping it fresh past its expiration date.


I was never interested in knowing how mold grows on bread. Well, not until writing this post.

The simple explanation that I found on sciencing.com is that mold grows when spores land on bread. From there it’s a multiplying party of those spores on our delicious loaves. It’s called starting a colony.

It seems that mold spores surround us everywhere we go. Once a spore lands on a piece of bread that’s hidden in a cool place where air doesn’t circulate well, it quickly lands on it and starts that colony.

White bread is especially attractive to mold because it’s high in starch, which breaks down into sugars. Mold find it as delicious as we do, we have that in common.


From this quick explanation, we understand that bread must be kept in a medium that limits its interactions with the environment. If we isolate the bread, there won’t be a high chance of mold spores landing on our loaves.

Let’s see if we’re right on this hypothesis for how to keep bread from molding.

How to Keep Bread from Molding: Best Solutions for Keeping Bread Fresh

Best methods for keeping bread from molding:

  • freeze the bread – the best method for keeping loaves fresh for the longest time
  • keep it in the fridge
  • keep the bread in a bread box – very good if you just need to keep it fresh for a few days
  • the celery method that I found online

How to Keep Bread Fresh for 2-3 Days (Use Bags)

If you’re going to eat the bread in 2-3 days then you can simply store it in a paper bag on the counter. You don’t need to do more than placing it in a paper bag.

Plastic bags might make it go moldy faster so avoid those. They’re also horrible for the environment.

Another solution for storing bread for about 2-3 days on the counter is to buy linen bread bags. They’re really good but the bread will go stale after a few days. If you get stale bread, toast it or use it for croutons or make breadcrumbs.

Tip 1: Freeze the Bread (the Foolproof Method)

When it comes to keeping bread from molding, freezing the bread is the most successful solution.

It absolutely works because little spores that turn into mold cannot survive in freezing temperatures. It’s just that easy.

How to freeze bread:

  • when it comes to sliced loaves, you’re already good to go
  • if you buy a whole loaf or make your own bread by hand or using a bread machine, you can slice the bread before freezing it so that you don’t have to thaw the entire loaf
  • if you’re buying store-bought bread, the chances are that it already comes in a plastic bag – you can place it in the freezer in that plastic bag, it will protect it for a few weeks
  • you can also double-wrap a loaf to ensure maximum freshness – first wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and then wrap that in foil or freezer paper
  • another method, especially for freezing buns & rolls, is to place them in zip-top freezers bags – press all the air from the bag out, seal it tightly, and you’re ready to throw it in the freezer

How do you thaw bread?

There are several methods that you can experiment with and see which one works best for you.

The simplest way is to place a slice on a plate and microwave it for 15-25 seconds.

Or you can put the frozen slices directly in the toaster. It will take slightly longer to cook but if you like toast definitely try it.

The complicated route to thawing bread happens when we’re talking about whole loaves.

Take the loaf our of its bag/plastic wrap and let it thaw overnight in the fridge. Then, make it absolutely delicious by putting it in an oven for 3-5 minutes at 380 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius).

Tip 2: Keep Bread in the Fridge

If you don’t like the idea of freezing bread, which is great if you want to store bread for a few weeks without it going bad, the next solution is to simple keep it in the fridge.

Keeping loaves in the fridge is a great method for how to keep bread from molding.

The great advantage is that it will last for about a week.

Secondly, you have direct access to it and if you just heat it up for a few seconds in the microwave, it tastes really good.

If I keep it in the fridge, I love to toast it and it’s absolutely delicious.

The problem with keeping the bread in the fridge is that it can go stale but if you toast it that’s not a problem, the toaster will make it soft again, while still making the crust crispy.

Place it in a paper bag and place it on a lower level in the fridge.

There are reusable bread bags that you can buy if you want to be eco-friendly.

Tip 3: Consider a Bread Box

Keeping loaves and rolls and buns in a bread box will never go out of style.

Air circulates when it comes to bread boxes and that’s a very important aspect when it comes to knowing how to keep bread from molding.

Bread boxes are a great solution for keeping bread fresh for more than a couple of days. You can keep bread fresh for about 5 days in a bread box.

If you have space on your counter, you should consider getting a bread box that will match the design of your kitchen, there are plenty to choose from.

Tip 4: The Celery Method

I found all about the celery method from bodyandsoul.com.au. You can read more about that there.

I will just sum it up:

  • place a couple of celery stalks together with the bread in a plastic bag
  • close the bag tightly
  • place the bag in the refrigerator for a few hours or leave it overnight for the best result
  • take the celery out of the bag, the celery should be dried out because the bread has absorbed the moisture
  • well, I didn’t understand where you store the bread after doing the thing with the celery stalks – keep it in the refrigerator or place it in a bread box

People reported that the bread was fine even 10 days after expiration date. So, we also know that it works for keeping store-bread from molding.

The idea behind the celery method for how to keep bread from molding is simple: the bread absorbs the moisture from the celery. That moisture prevents it from going stale and then moldy.

Preservatives in Bread that Keep it from Molding

This website has a full list of preservatives that are used in this particular industry to prevent mold.

These are: propionates (calcium/sodium propionate), sorbates (sorbic acid, potassium sorbate), benzoates, parabens and acetic acid. Propionates are the most widely used in baked products made with yeast.

Best Bread Box to Prevent Mold

Bread boxes are great if you don’t want to freeze loaves. They also look really great on the counter but they’re not that great for those who don’t have the space.

And there are plenty of best bread boxes to choose from, a lot of beautiful designs.

The disadvantage with bread boxes is that they don’t offer a great deal of space. A 2-pound loaf is the most that the majority will be able to fit in. Larger bread boxes will be able to fit 2 loaves in.

Those who don’t have the space should consider getting linen bread bags. They’re pretty good for keeping loaves fresh for about 3 days.

If you want even more options, check out my post on the best bread keepers or my post on stainless steel breadboxes, if that’s more of your style but I would say that my 3 recommendations for the best bread box are a wonderful start.

1. Progressive International Adjustable Bread Keeper

This is definitely not your classic best bread box. There are plenty of reasons for saying that.

But it is one of the cheapest options and the pros for this keeper are pretty interesting. It’s no wonder that it’s so popular.

It’s definitely on the very small side, it’s expandable up to 11 inches, which makes it capable of effortlessly fitting a 2-pound loaf. That’s not too bad. It also makes it a really good fit for people who don’t have the space for another addition to the kitchen.

The really interesting feature, especially when talking about how to keep bread from molding, is the adjustable vent. You can adjust and set how much air can go into the container.

In a dry climate you can keep it closed to prevent loaves from going stale and in a humid climate you can keep it open to prevent molding. I love this feature that’s so practical.

There’s also its own cutting board. A pretty complete set.

The advantage is that it’s made of plastic and it’s transparent so it’s not the prettiest that you’ll ever see but for that price and features, you can overlook that.

2. ALhom Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board Lid & Bread Rack

This one looks really nice, the combination of the wooden lid with the stainless body looks really great. And it doesn’t have the classic best bread box look, it’s taller and not as long.

It’s also great for tinier kitchens where a very long box wouldn’t fit.

It measure 14.5 inches in length and 9 inches in height. It’s taller than the classic ones but still offers plenty of space for storing loaves and rolls and buns.

Another amazing feature is that this model can be attached to a wall. That’s an awesome solution for those who really don’t have the space.

The price is not bad either, on the affordable side really. And this is a durable model, quite sturdy, and even fingerprint proof.

The lid can serve as a cutting board with a bread rack included but that’s only possible if you don’t attach it to a wall.

3. Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

It seems that I decided to review these 3 picks for the best bread box from the cheapest to the most expensive. Because this one is definitely expensive. The price is the same as some more affordable bread machines.

And possibly the most beautiful breadbox.

The quality is absolutely impressive, it’s made of stainless steel, it has a rectangular shape and impressive measurements: height 7.3 inches, width 18.2 inches, and depth 9.8 inches.

The Brabantia is one of the biggest and it can easily fit in 2 loaves.

It’s a fall front bread keeper that works with a magnetic seal, is fingerprint proof and it even comes with a 10-year guarantee.

If you find yourself having a lot of bread, whether it’s store-bought or made at home, the best method for how to keep bread from molding is to freeze it but for keeping it fresh a few days, using a best bread box or linen bread bags works very well.