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Best Bread Keeper for Fresh Bread

There’s not much that one can say about the best bread keeper or bread boxes or holders, however you want to call them. They’re incredibly practical because they keep loaves fresh and yummy.

It’s so useful having one around the house, especially if you are into baking but you prefer baking more at a time, enough to last you a few days.

Many people don’t have the time and energy to make and bake bread daily even though it’s amazing on that first day. That’s where a bread keeper comes in: it preserves the loaves for days to come. Garlic bread can also be stored in a breadbox for a day or two at room temperature.

Some bread machines offer the 1 pound size option, which is very useful if you’re only making bread for yourself. But if you want more and then store it, then you can choose the 2-pound size setting.

In a nutshell, let’s jump right in and let’s choose the best bread keeper for your kitchen so that you can enjoy the freshness of your favorite loaves whenever you want.

Best Bread Keeper: My 3 Favorites

1. Cheapest: Progressive International Adjustable Bread Keeper

This bread keep is one of the cheapest and even though it’s made of plastic and it’s not exactly the prettiest, it has some interesting features. It’s expandable up to 11 inches, fitting in a 2-pound loaf. The other interesting feature is the adjustable vent, letting you adjust and set how much air can go into the container, depending on the climate you live in. It’s an interesting bread box.

2. Fantastic: ALhom Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board Lid & Bread Rack, Stainless Steel

The ALhom Bread Box has an interesting design, it looks really nice. Moreover, it has a wall mounting attachment. You can put it on the wall in case you don’t have enough space on your counter. The price is not the cheapest but you get fingerprint proof stainless steel, a good size, and a cutting board.

3. Expensive: Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

The Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box is absolutely one of the prettiest bread keepers. It’s also very expensive, made of stainless steel, with a very attractive rectangular shape. This one is also very big, it has a width of 18.2 inches and a depth of 9.8 inches, it can easily fit two loaves. Plus, it can be attached to a well, it includes hanging eyes on the back for that purpose.

Best Bread Keeper Reviews

These 5 best bread keepers that I’ve chosen to review cover all budgets, sizes, and designs. You can find the perfect bread box for your kitchen, no matter what your needs are.

1. Progressive International Adjustable Bread Keeper

The Progressive International Adjustable Bread Keeper seems like the perfect solution to your quest for a box that keeps each loaf fresh for days to come.

It’s not an easy task in the case of homemade bread because it has no preservatives, like supermarket loaves.

Preservatives prevent them from going stale.

This keeper from Progressive International is:

  • cheap – the cheapest box that you can probably get
  • expandable up to 11 inches – it can be transformed into an accordion that effortlessly fits a 2 pound bread
  • the most interesting thing is the adjustable vent – you can adjust and set how much air can go into the container
  • and it has its own cutting board

You get instructions for adjusting the vent.

For example,

In a dry climate you should keep it closed in order to keep some moisture in.

Keep it open when it comes to humid climates for molding prevention. Also in the case of warm baked goods and for goods with crisper crusts.

It doesn’t have a really nice or interesting design. It’s a box made of plastic, transparent. But it’s not ugly, either, rather plain-looking.

The important thing is that it works, that thing with the vent is really practical and helps preserve loaves in a really nice shape.

And it’s cheap.

If you ask me, this should be the first bread keeper you consider. Those who use a bread maker can safely choose this holder.

Most loaves made with a machine are horizontally shaped but they will fit entirely into this keeper.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

2. Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

We’ve seen the cheapest bread keeper, now let’s talk about one of the most expensive stainless steel bread boxes, shall we?

The Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box is also one of the best breadboxes.

It’s truly an amazing piece, they’re not many better.

But you have to pay a high price for it, this quality and beautiful design doesn’t come cheap by any means.

It’s definitely too much for my budget and, I think, for the budget of any ordinary household.

To give you an idea,

It’s more expensive than what I consider to be cheap bread machines, like the Oster, the Hamilton Beach, and the Sunbeam bread maker.

Furthermore, it’s also more expensive than some pizza stones and almost the price of a baking steel, which will be with you for a lifetime.

What does the Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box offer?

  • this is a fall front bread keeper, meaning it’s not a classical roll top
  • it works with a magnetic seal, which is a nice touch, making it easy to open and close
  • it’s a rectangular stainless steel breadbox
  • the design is amazing, it looks beautiful, ready to fit in any kitchen with multiple stainless steel appliances
  • the stainless steel is high quality, not thin at all
  • high quality, very well made
  • due to its rectangular shape, you can store things on top of it
  • very big, it can easily fit two loaves
  • its measurements are: height 7.3 inches, width 18.2 inches, and depth 9.8 inches
  • one of the biggest stainless steel breadboxes and one of the biggest bread keepers in general
  • fingerprint proof and it actually works, no worry about leaving fingerprints all over it
  • cleaning it will be a breeze
  • it comes with a 10-year guarantee


It has hanging eyes on the back and it can be attached to a wall, it’s a solution if you have limited space. It’s the cherry on top.

The Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box is what you’d call a high quality stainless steel bread keeper, a great nicely designed product, as long as you can afford it. With the way it looks, it can also make an awesome gift.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

3. ALhom Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board Lid & Bread Rack, Stainless Steel

Since we’re talking about bread keepers that can be attached to a wall, I thought I should continue on the same path.

That’s how I ended up with the ALhom Bread Box.

This is another fantastic breadbox.

Much more affordable than the above one but just as great.

  • first thing first, it’s really pretty
  • the combination between the stainless steel body and the wooden door works really well
  • the shape is unusual, too, I like it
  • fingerprint proof
  • 14.5 inches in length, not the biggest but it’s still big enough, especially for a small family
  • it has a bigger height than the average models , 9 inches, due to its unusual shape
  • wall mounting attachment
  • lid made of bamboo
  • it also serves as a cutting board but it cannot be used if you mount it on the wall
  • flat top for additional storage on top of the ALhom Bread Box
  • one of the most affordable most durable bread keeper

The ALhom Bread Box is the perfect example of functionality combined with great interesting design and high quality materials, all for a pretty affordable price.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

4. Brushed Stainless Steel Rolltop 2-Loaf Capacity

It’s around the same price as the above model but not as cool-looking.

The Brushed Stainless Steel Rolltop 2-Loaf Capacity Bread Box:

  • is a roll top box, actually the only roll top on this list
  • has a really cool classical design
  • it’s made of stainless steel so it fits perfectly in a modern kitchen with a lot of appliances, it will blend in perfectly
  • one of the biggest advantages is that this is a big box, it measures 16.5 inches in length
  • it has 2-loaf capacity

There are some cons:

  • it shows fingerprints that are hard to clean
  • it won’t keep the loaves fresh for too long

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

5. Mountain Woods Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique Style

I couldn’t finish this post on breadboxes without featuring a wooden bread keeper.


I’ve chosen one of the prettiest most expensive wooden bread keepers.

It’s quite gorgeous with a flip-down lid.

However, it wouldn’t blend in any kitchen. It’s up to you to decide if it would fit in.

It’s 16 inches long, 9 inches height, 10 inches depth – quite large, you can easily squeeze in 2 loaves.

The Mountain Woods Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique Style is of excellent quality and long lasting. And it’s relatively prolonging the freshness so it’s a pretty good bread keeper.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

How to Choose the Perfect Bread Keeper

bread keeper best bread box

There are only a few features that will determine your final choice.

Let’s see what those are and the bit of useful information that you need to be aware of.


I let my bread maker do all the work.

Since starting this blog, I also started baking in a conventional oven but that’s from time to time, when I want to experiment with different recipes.

My favorite setting is the 2-pound one so there are always leftovers even though we are a family of 4.

You might prefer store-purchased bread, which might be even bigger. Or you might like to buy several loaves.

Within a household, people have different tastes or diets to follow, like the gluten-free one.

The point is:

It must be big enough so that it fits everything in.

If it’s at least 15-inches in length, it should be big enough.

Even better, there are bread boxes that are adjustable in size. It’s a nice useful feature.


The majority are designed based on the roll top mechanism. It’s the classical shape and it’s still prevalent today.


There are also fall front rectangular breadboxes that look amazing. Plus models with flip down lips.


It will play a very important part in your choice because the best bread keeper must blend in your overall design of your kitchen.

I prefer wooden bread boxes. If it’s vintage you might go for a wooden holder.

A stainless steel keeper goes well with a modern design. Those also amazing and are generally considered to be more durable, the wood wears over time.

There are combinations between stainless steel and wood or stainless steel and glass.

All kinds of designs, the market is quite varied.

I also included one made of plastic and it’s actually my first recommendation.

You don’t necessarily need a fancy holder to keep your loaves fresh.


It varies a lot.

The cheapest bread keeper on my list is made of plastic and you can’t beat the price.

The most expensive ones are made of wood as well as stainless steel.

A bread keeper will take a bit of space on your kitchen counter but if you’re interested in having fresh bread for days to come, getting one is the best solution.

Bread Keeper FAQs

I’ll also answer some helpful questions, just in case I forgot to add anything in my reviews for the best bread box.

1. What is the best way to preserve bread to keep it fresh?

There are a few options to keep bread fresh. You can use a bread box for keeping it fresh for 3-4 days , you can store it in linen bags on the countertop, you can keep it in the fridge where it will last for 5 days up to a week or you can freeze it and make it last for months.

2. Do bread keepers work?

Bread boxes keep loaves, bagels, buns, etc. fresh for about 3 days. They help baked goods maintain a crisp crust and a moist crumb. That’s what they work for. They’re also awesome if you want to prevent mold.

3. Should a breadbox be airtight?

It shouldn’t be airtight because if there’s no room for the moisture to dissipate in the air, then the moisture released from the loaf will get the bread moist and the crust will lose all its appeal. A breadbox finds a balance between an airtight container and a completely open environment. It’s the balance between a sealed plastic bag and simply leaving baked goods on the countertop.

4. What container is best for bread?

If you don’t want to spend money on getting the best bread keeper, you can use a simple airtight plastic container, which is pretty much the cheapest option and you probably have one already in your house.