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Stainless Steel BreadBox: Top 3 Beautiful Designs

Getting the best stainless steel breadbox for your household is going to be easy, there aren’t that many models to choose from.

But it might not be a cheap purchase.

I’m going to review different models, from some of the most affordable to the more expensive types.

You’ll see what’s the difference between them and if they’re worthy of your money.

Obviously, the design plays a big role into your choice and some look fantastic.

How to Pick a Stainless Steel Breadbox

  • there’s all sort of designs to choose from: the classical roll top look with the round lid completely made of stainless steel, or rectangular ones, or a combination of stainless steel and glass or wood (some look amazing)
  • there are different sizes: the larger ones will fit two loaves easily but there aren’t many families who need to store two whole loaves unless there are members with different dietary practices
  • a minimum 15 inch length means that two loaves will fit inside the box
  • some are pretty affordable while other models are ridiculously expensive
  • if it doesn’t say fingerprint proof, you’ll most likely have to deal with fingerprints

Top 3 Stainless Steel Breadboxes

I’ve chosen a model to represent each category:

  • a classical roll top (also the cheapest of the three),
  • one with tempered glass lid
  • and the rectangular design or fall front (the most expensive).

1. Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

Let’s start with one of the most expensive stainless steel bread boxes, shall we?

The Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box is also one of the best stainless steel breadboxes, it sets the standard quite high.

But you’ll have to spend quite a considerable amount of money, it’s definitely too much for my budget.

If you can believe it, it’s more expensive than what I consider to be cheap bread machines, like the Oster, the Hamilton Beach, and the Sunbeam bread maker.

It’s almost the price of a baking steel, which is the entirely-made-of-steel alternative of pizza stones.

Enough with the comparisons, I think you get the picture.

  • this is a rectangular stainless steel breadbox
  • it doesn’t have the classical roll top but a fall front
  • due to its shape you can store things on top of it
  • very big, it can easily fit two loaves
  • its measurements are: height 7.3 inches, width 18.2 inches, and depth 9.8 inches – one of the biggest stainless steel breadboxes
  • fingerprint proof, you don’t have to be careful with it and cleaning will be a breeze
  • it’s indeed pretty but I’m not that impressed with the black sides
  • the magnetic seal is great, it makes it easy to open and close
  • it comes with a 10-year guarantee, it’s well made so it will definitely last for a long time
  • what I like it’s that it has hanging eyes on the back so it can be attach to a wall, it’s a solution if you have limited space

The Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box is pretty much perfect, I love it, high quality, amazing looks, big storage capacity, and it can be attached to a well, complete package.

2. Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box with Tempered Glass Lid

There are actually three bread boxes from Oggi: roll top with stainless steel lid (the cheapest), roll top with frosted lid (it looks pretty acceptable but nothing impressive), and the one with tempered glass lid (the most expensive and best looking).

  • 16 inches length, big capacity
  • if you get it on sale, the Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box has a pretty good price, it’s a good deal – it would be too expensive otherwise
  • with the glass lid, there’s no reason to worry for fingerprints, it will look great all the time
  • the design is what makes this bread keeper so popular, besides that there’s nothing special

3. Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box

The Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box is the perfect example of a classic roll top made of stainless steel.

And the price is really affordable, which makes it really popular.

The quality is not the highest.

  • this is the classical roll top stainless steel breadbox
  • the design is nothing impressive and it’s definitely not my favourite when it comes to looks
  • the stainless steel is a bit on the thin side, too
  • but it’s really affordable, one of the cheapest stainless steel bread boxes
  • it’s also big, it will fit two loaves
  • 16.5 inches length and 10 inches depth, there’s enough room in there
  • it will show fingerprints, if you’re obsessed with clean sleek looks all the time, this is not the choice for you

Stainless Steel BreadBox vs Wood BreadBox

wood bread box vs stainless steel breadbox

Is there a practical reason to choose a stainless steel breadbox over one made from wood or even one made of plastic?

Not really.

It’s more of a matter of design.

I love wooden boxes but only because there’s no cleaning involved, no worry about fingerprints showing.

There are some stainless steel breadboxes that are fingerprint proof but you’ll still have to clean it from time to time to maintain it completely shiny.

Well, from my experience with my fridge, that won’t be hard at all.

Both materials will last for many years but at some point degradation will set in.


It’s an investment for many years to come.

Stainless steel bread keepers can also last a long time but not a lifetime.


If you have a lot of stainless steel kitchen appliances a stainless steel breadbox will fit right in.

If you have wooden cabinets then you can go for a wooden box if you find the wood color that matches.

The functionality is the same.

A bread box keeps the bread fresh.

Natural homemade bread doesn’t have preservatives so, if you just leave it out like that in the open air, it will go hard quickly.

The breads will be kept soft for many days to come, up to 5 days, I would say.

Keeping breads in a bread keeper prevents mold from appearing, too.

A stainless steel breadbox can be hermetically sealed, it becomes an impenetrable space for the loaves, while a wooden one lets a bit of air circulate, as well.

But they take quite a bit of space.

Your kitchen must be pretty big to fit one of these in among so many other kitchen gadgets and cooking tools.

The prices are also pretty much in the same range.

You can get a really expensive stainless steel bread box or a more affordable one.

The same goes for those made of wood.

There’s not much difference.

Why did I also mention plastic bread keepers?

Because the cheapest bread box is the Progressive International Adjustable Bread Keeper.

It’s made of plastic and even though it doesn’t have the most interesting design at all, it does its job of keeping loaves fresh, it’s great, I really love it.

BreadBoxes Alternatives

  • once the bread has cooled down, slice it and put it into a tightly sealed bag, and then freeze it – you can throw it in the toaster and it will taste great
  • store it in a tightly sealed bag and then wrap it up in a big towel
  • keep your loaf in a plastic food storage container, drill some tiny holes to keep the mold from forming
  • store it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, you can put it in the fridge the next day, the first day you can keep it in a paper bag – toast or warm it up in the microwave