5 Bread Maker Reviews on the Machines Worthy of Your Money

We can all agree that a bread maker is a truly useful appliance.

If you’re looking for bread maker reviews because this is your first time buying such a machine, you’ve come to the right place.

fresh baked bread

I’ve selected some of the best 5 machines on the market.

Obviously, there are more models out there and some of them are excellent but, in my opinion, the 5 bread makers that I’m going to review in-depth in this article are some of the best.

You know how it is:

When there are too many choices, a person can get confused and when there are too little, the choice is too restricted and makes you feel like there should be more.

What’s so good about my 5 bread maker reviews?

As you’re going to discover, there are a lot similarities between the units.

There aren’t as many differences but those differences dictate the price gap that’s between some models.

When I made the choice which machines should be featured in my bread maker reviews, I firstly wanted to cover all budgets so that, anyone who wants fresh homemade loaves with minimum effort, can have it.

Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you’re still going to be able to enjoy delicious things.

I just love the things that my machine does and I hope you’ll become as addicted as I am to fresh bread that’s practically made without you doing anything!

Here are my Personal 5 Bread Maker Reviews: from the Cheapest Bread Machine to High-End Models

1. Oster CKSTBRTW20: Cheap and Good


This is the cheapest unit from all these 5 bread maker reviews.

But it’s also incredibly good.

If you are on a tight budget but still want to eat delicious loaves whenever you feel like it, this is perfect!

It’s so simple, so affordable, so great!

It comes with the next accessories:

  • double-ended measuring spoon,
  • measuring cup,
  • kneading blade,
  • nonstick pan,
  • viewing window,
  • a very simple and intuitive control panel,
  • user manual plus recipes,
  • and 1year warranty.

It bakes horizontal loaves and there are 3 sizes:

  • 1 pound,
  • 1.5 pounds,
  • and 2 pounds.

You get to choose from 4 crusts: light, medium, dark, and rapid.

And there’s a 13-hour delay timer.

There are 10 preprogrammed settings: basic, wheat, French, sweet, Expressbake 1.5, Expressbake 2.0, quick (no yeast, backing soda is an alternative), European, dough/pasta, bagel dough, and jam.

Oster CKSTBRTW20 is also called the Expressbake Breadmaker and the two Expressbake cycles (1.5 and 2.0) make and bake either 1.5 pounds or 2 pounds loaves in just 58 minutes.

It’s amazing!

But it’s also a little complicated because the water needs to be at a certain temperature, since the machine skips some phases in order to get that awesome time of just under an hour. You’re going to read more about it in the user manual.

The basic white cycle is completed in 3:25 hours. My unit needs 4 hours for this cycle so the CKSTBRTW20 from Oster is pretty fast.

The instructions are nicely detailed for every recipe. And you will find plenty recipes in the user manual.


I don’t think there are cons to be mentioned.

My argument is: you can’t really expect much more from a machine that is so incredibly affordable and so good, at the same time.

And that’s why it’s featured in my bread maker reviews.

If you want more info, check this Oster CKSTBRTW20 review.

2. Panasonic SD-YD 250: Medium-Priced and with Tradition

Panasonic SD-YD 250 is among these 5 bread maker reviews due to many reasons.



This is one of the oldest machines and it’s been around for more than 10 years.

Panasonic is the manufacturer that came up with the idea of a machine that makes bread and so anyone can have fresh and healthy and exactly how they want loaves whenever they want.

It’s incredible that it has been launched so long ago but it’s still so good and so popular.

It’s of high quality and there are people who have had a SD-YD 250 for 5 years, 6 years, and even more. It stood the test of time and that’s all I need to include it in my bread maker reviews.


It transforms recipes into delicious treats and it makes nicely risen breads. If you follow the instructions, that will happen every single time.

The accessories include:

  • double-ended teaspoon/tablespoon,
  • measuring cup,
  • nonstick pan,
  • removable kneading paddle,
  • yeast dispenser instead of a viewing window,
  • modern and simple control panel,
  • user manual plus recipes booklet,
  • and 1 year warranty.

You get to choose from 3 loaf sizes:

  • M,
  • L,
  • and XL, up to 2.5 pounds, to give you some numbers.

There are 3 crusts: light, medium, and dark. And you have the option of a 13-hour delay timer.

There are 6 programs: basic, whole wheat, multigrain, French, pizza, and bake only.

And 6 baking options: bake, bake rapid, bake sandwich, bake raisin, dough, and dough raisin.

It takes 4 hours for the SD-YD 250 to complete the basic white cycle.

It’s not the fastest bread maker but it’s not like that you have to do something to it withing those 4 hours. You can do whatever you have to and just leave it on the counter, plugged in and with the ingredients all in the pan. After 4 hours you will remove a delicious loaf.

It’s so simple that I love it and I love all these 5 bread maker reviews.


There’s no gluten-free menu, although the next bread maker review will introduce a slightly more affordable unit, which includes a gluten-free setting, among many other features.

Even so, Panasonic SD-YD 250 is rightfully included in my bread maker reviews for standing the test of time with its impeccable quality.

3. Cuisinart CBK 100: Many Features for the Price


Cuisinart CBK 100 offers more than what you are paying for.

You’re going to see why I’m saying that.

It’s almost medium-priced, somewhere in the middle, between the Oster and the Panasonic, the above two bread maker reviews.

Besides the Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine, the CBK 100 is the most affordable unit that has the gluten-free setting included.

The accessories are:

  • double-ended measuring spoon,
  • measuring cup,
  • nonstick pan,
  • kneading paddle,
  • viewing window,
  • a nice-looking easy-to-use control panel,
  • user manual and the recipe booklet,
  • and a 3-year warranty.

From all these 5 bread maker reviews, this is the only one where a 3-year warranty is offered.

All the other 4 machines offer only 1 year warranty. But all will last much longer than that, for sure.

Cuisinart CBK 100 lets you choose from 3 loaf sizes:

  • 1 pound,
  • 1.5 pounds,
  • and 2 pounds.

Given the fact that it offers the 1 pound size, it makes it perfect for people living by themselves, too.

There’s also a light, medium or dark crust and a 13-hour delay timer, which means that you can add the ingredients now and have it ready in maximum 13 hours.

It’s nice if you know exactly when you want your steaming hot bread removed from the pan. I use this function quite frequently.

The 12 preprogrammed settings are: basic, French/Italian, whole wheat, sweet, gluten-free, packaged mix, cake, dough, pasta dough, jams, bake only, and rapid bake.

The basic takes around 3 hours until completion so this is one of the fastest bread machines.

Additional features:

  • There are 6 beeps that let you know when it’s safe to remove the dough for removing the kneading paddle. At the end, when you remove the loaf from the pan, it won’t have a large hole at the base. It’s really helpful and practical.
  • Stay-cool handles, however the bottom of the pan will still be hot. So, when you remove the loaf take an oven mitt.
  • Power back up feature for up to 15 minutes power failure.


There’s not much to complain about.

Cuisinart CBK 100 makes good loaves, even the gluten-free one is a success, and really good dough. Let me know if you own this unit and have any complaints about it.

4. Zojirushi Supreme BB-CEC20: Expensive, Customizable, and Durable

And now we’ve reached the point in my bread maker reviews where we discover 2 of the most expensive units on the market.

Let’s start with Zojirushi BB-CEC20, an immensely popular and highly appreciated option.


This unit makes and bakes a rectangular loaf instead of a horizontal one, like the majority of bread makers do.

There are two sizes:

  • 1.5 pounds,
  • and 2 pounds.

And there’s 3 crust options: light, medium, and dark.

If you want the perfect browned crust, you’ve found what you were looking for

The reason for that is the placement of the heater in the lid.

It also has a 13-hour delay timer, obviously.

Besides the unit, the box also includes:

  • double-ended measuring spoon,
  • measuring cup,
  • 2 kneading blades,
  • nonstick pan rectangularly shaped,
  • modern control panel with LCD screen,
  • viewing window,
  • user manual plus recipes,
  • and 1-year warranty.

One major pro is the fact that the BB-CEC20 has a setting called home made.

It’s a fantastic thing because it lets users customize 3 of their own favorite recipes and transform them into 3 preprogrammed settings.

It’s a feature that’s only integrated by the expensive models, like this one and the one following. So, I can only mention it in these two last bread maker reviews.

The other 9 preprogrammed menus are: basic, basic wheat, basic dough, quick, quick wheat, quick dough, jam, cake, and sour dough starter. With the home made, there’s a total of 10 cycles.

Other features include:

  • the control panel is nice and pretty easy to use,
  • it has a dual kneading blade, another unique feature, which leads to a perfect kneading so even the whole wheat loaves or loaves made with flours that don’t have a high concentration of gluten will be nicely risen,
  • and power failure feature.

I should also add that it’s not a really fast machine because it takes 3:45 hours for the basic cycle to be completed but that shouldn’t bear any influence.

The recipes are fantastic, truly mouth-watering, and there’s even a recipe for meatloaf for the home made course.


Zojirushi Supreme BB-CEC20 is expensive but that’s not a con. Because it’s worthy. But only if you can totally afford it.

Even so, it has its cons:

  • There’s no gluten-free setting. Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso BB-PAC20 has the gluten-free menu included, so it has 11 menus, but it’s also considerably more expensive. You can transform a gluten-free recipe into a cycle thanks to those 3 customizable cycles.
  • There are many complaints about the Zojirushi BB-CEC20 and it’s not about loaf quality. It’s about the fact that this machine it noisy.

5. Breville Custom Loaf: the Smartest Model

And last but not least in my bread maker reviews, there’s the Breville Custom Loaf.

It hasn’t been around for so long so it’s not as popular as the above units.


It’s the smartest unit and I want to make that clear right from the start. It’s not as intuitive and as easy to use as the above models.

The accessories that come with the unit are:

  • double-ended measuring spoon,
  • measuring cup,
  • collapsible kneading paddle and fixed kneading paddle, the latter being only for making jam,
  • nonstick pan,
  • viewing window,
  • automatic fruit and nut dispenser,
  • a truly modern control panel and LCD display,
  • user manual plus 46 recipes,
  • and 1 year warranty.

With the Breville Custom Loaf, you get to choose from 4 loaf sizes:

  • 1 pounds,
  • 1.5 pounds,
  • 2 pounds,
  • and 2.5 pounds.

It’s the only unit among my bread maker reviews that offers the 4 sizes possibility.

As usual, there are 3 crust types: light, medium, and dark. And this unit, too, has a 13-hour delay timer.

There are 14 amazing preprogrammed settings: custom (for transforming 9 of your recipes into settings), basic, basic rapid, whole wheat, whole wheat rapid, gluten-free, crusty loaf, sweet, yeast free, dough-bread, dough-pizza, dough-pasta, bake only, and jam.

You can customize 9 of your favorite recipes and transform them into preprogrammed settings.

That’s plenty of customizing options.

The control panel has some unique buttons, like: weight/temp, beeper button, light button, modify button, and the select push-dial button.

The kneading collapsible paddle has the purpose of making the whole that remains at the base of any loaf a lot smaller.

It should automatically collapse before the commencement of the bake phase. However, there are users who have complained that it doesn’t always collapses, making it useless.

The alternative is to remove the dough when the “remove paddle” alert will beep, right before the “rise 3” phase, and then add it back, letting the machine do the baking without the paddle in.

Additional features include the nut & fruit dispenser and the power failure protection.


The fact that the collapsible paddle doesn’t collapse each time as it should is a con to be taken into consideration.

I truly love the Breville Custom Loaf, even though it’s too much for my budget.

Features to Look for when Choosing your Bread Maker

And, now, that I’ve rounded up my bread maker reviews, let’s see what are the common features to look for when making the choice:

  • firstly, it must make an awesome loaf, whether you prefer white or whole wheat or gluten-free, and so on,
  • it must make great dough for pizza or pasta,
  • the nonstick pan should be of good quality because a bread machine can last for many years,
  • the included recipes are a good start and most user manuals include plenty,
  • an easy-to-use control panel, an intuitive one, in case you’re not that into technology,
  • if you want more freedom, get an unit that lets you transform your own recipes into preprogrammed settings,
  • a nut & fruit dispenser if you are into that,
  • and, last but not least, a design that blends in with your kitchen’s overall design.

As you can see, it’s not that hard shopping for the perfect model for you and I truly hope that my bread maker reviews will help you with that.

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