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Best Rolling Pin for Pizza Dough

You’ll be able to pick the best rolling pin for pizza dough to nicely match your budget, needs, and expectations in just a few minutes. This is not a purchase that you should spend much time on and I hope I can make your choice even easier.

Best Rolling Pin for Pizza Dough

dough rolling pin for pizza
If you are in the habit of making very thin crust pizzas, which are my absolute favorite, I definitely recommend getting the best rolling pin for pizza dough.

It will give you the best and fastest approach to getting that crust as thin as you want. Just take into account the weight of the toppings, you can’t add a heavy load of toppings on a really thin crust.

1. Muso Wood French Rolling Pin – Overall Best for Pizza Dough

In my opinion, this is one of the best. It’s my first recommendation for the best rolling pin for pizza dough. It’s also one of the cheapest.

Even so, I should warn you right from the beginning that some people have complained that it’s a bit small. I definitely don’t think that.

The Muso Wood is 15.7 inches long. It is absolutely true that there are other pins that are much longer.

For example, the J.K. Adams one is 20.5 inches long. That’s a noticeable difference. So, if you know that a bigger size is better for you, then check out just below where I review more than one.

What I love about the Muso Wood French Rolling Pin is that it’s really smooth. The manufacturer informs us that their pins are polished 3 times by hand. That explains why we can’t feel any natural wood knot.

The high quality, the attention to details and the low price make a winning combination and fits my needs. But, if it doesn’t fit yours, read on. There are more reviews and more wonderful picks.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

2. J.K. Adams Maple Wood French Rolling Pin

Another very popular option is this one. It’s also a much longer pin that measures 20.5 inches in length. It has a 1.5 inches diameter.

It’s made of maple wood and it looks amazing. To be more precise, this North American maple wood is sustainably grown.

Moreover, it’s handcrafted. I really love that. And I truly love that it’s not expensive at all.

Plus, it’s made in Vermont.

What I don’t necessarily like is that the manufacturer instructs us to condition it once a week. But that’s only in the beginning, until it gets a finish. After that, you can only do it from time to time, definitely not as often.

Well, if you already own expensive cutting boards or wooden peels, you already know that you should condition them using mineral oil.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

3. Top Notch Kitchenware French Rolling Pin

The actual name for this model is actually Top Notch Kitchenware Sugar Maple with Black Walnut Celtic Knot French Rolling Pin.

That’s a really long name. But it totally fits since this is the fanciest best rolling pin for pizza dough.

Let me put it this way: if you care about impressive designs even when it comes to a roller for dough, then you’d better check this one out.

However, I will warn you that this kind of intriguing design comes with a vey expensive price, like 4 times more expensive than the cheapest model on my list. That’s a considerable price difference.

Do I think it’s worth it? Not really. I mean, it’s fancy and it looks nice and it’s of really good quality but I don’t really need the intriguing design when it comes to owning and using a pin.

All the models that I review here are really of the best quality so, it’s not like this Top Notch Kitchenware exceeds them in any way, when it comes to technical capabilities.

It has a 18 inch length, it’s a bit shorter than the J.K. Adams.

It’s made of solid sugar maple wood, it’s hand crafter in the USA, and has a unique Celtic knot design inlay from Black Walnut.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

4. Last Confection 16” Stainless Steel French Rolling Pin – Cheapest

If you really want the cheapest model that still very well fits the title best rolling pin for pizza dough, I really think you should check out this model from Last Confection.

Plus, the 16 inch length is not the biggest but it is good enough. It will offer you enough surface for rolling balls of dough into whatever shape you want.

Indeed, it’s a stainless steel peel that can be put in the refrigerator to work cold pastry dough. However, one review mentioned that it gets warm pretty quickly. It’s not something that concerns those only wanting it for pizza dough, it’s something that concerns those getting it for pastry. But I though I should let you know about its capabilities in their entirety.

The good news is that, since it’s made of stainless steel, it won’t require any maintenance.

You wash it, dry it completely with a towel, and store it away. The Last Confection is dishwasher safe so, you don’t have to necessarily wash it by hand. I just prefer it that way.

It’s very easy to clean and the dough won’t stick to the surface as long as you rub some flour over its entire surface.

It has a very smooth surface, I love that aspect about metal pins.

I really like this model because I love products that manage to offer high quality, while costing very little.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

5. Feed the Lions Premium Rolling Pin Stainless Steel

What a fierce name, Feed the Lions. This name alone is enough to spark a keen interest into discovering if a stainless steel pin can actually be called the best rolling pin for pizza dough. I think it stands a good chance of being called just that.

With stainless steel, we know that we don’t need to condition it. But you should dry it thoroughly with a towel after each washing.

It’s also French-style. There are no handles. But it’s a bit more expensive than those made of wood.

What is interesting to discover is that it has a superior brushed matt finish to prevent the dough from sticking or tearing. It also means that you don’t have to use much flour when working with fondant.

Being made of stainless steel, has made it easy for manufacturers to make a flawlessly straight pin.

You can also chill it for pastry or warm it up for decorating with fondant easier.

It is 16.14 inches long. It’s not as long as the J.K. Adams but pretty much the same as the Muso Wood.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

6. Norpro Wood Pastry/Pizza Roller – Best Alternative to Rolling Pins

The cheapest alternative to the best rolling pin for pizza dough is this roller. It also works for pastry. Since it’s so small, it can easily be used by kids, too. If you want to involve them in doing fun and delicious things in the kitchen, this roller is the perfect tool to tempt them.

There are 2 ends: a bigger roller and a smaller one on the opposite end.

The smaller end is good for filling in the dough to the edges. It also ensures uniform depth around the inner rim.

It’s absolutely great for rolling dough in a pan or on a baking sheet. If any of these is your choice of bakeware then it will be nice to have this roller help you.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

How to Pick the Best Rolling Pin for Pizza Dough

There are just a few things you should be aware of when making your purchase.

Wooden vs Metal

The majority of my reviews focused on wooden rolling pins. These remain the first choice, they are indeed awesome and what we grew up with.

Wooden peels are the preferred option for pizza dough because they’re considered less likely to stick to the dough.

If we were to make a comparison, the same goes for wooden pins, although the ones made from metal are quite good, as well.

Which is why I also included two made of metal peel to see what they offer. It is something different but that doesn’t make it any less capable or awesome. Plus, it’s very popular and highly appreciated by users.

Those made of metal are especially preferred by pastry bakers who need their dough to stay cold, otherwise it can’t be worked properly. Pins made of metal can be chilled, they won’t warm up the dough as quickly. They’re awesome for working with fondant, too.

Or Maybe a Small Roller

Last but not least, I also had a surprise for you, an alternative of sorts.

I just couldn’t end my reviews for the best rolling pin for pizza dough without mentioning one of the cheapest ways to stretch out the dough in any shape you want. It’s awesome for kids, too. That’s another plus.

If you’re looking for something small, that’s also really cheap or something that your kids can handle, definitely check out the Norpro Roller.

No-Handles Pins

Moreover, my preference when it comes to picking the best rolling pin for pizza dough is for no-handle pins. These are also known as French. The American type is the ones with handles.

But we don’t need handles when stretching this type of dough for a few reasons:

  • we don’t need to put a lot of pressure on the dough – that happens when we’re handling cold puff pastry dough
  • no-handle pins give a nuanced feel for the dough, they put our hands more in touch with the dough and let us feel easily how thin or thick it is
  • handleless models give a comfortable grip and are easy to maneuver

Easy to Clean

If the dough doesn’t stick to the pin, then you have nothing to clean actually.

In order to achieve that, we should grab a handful of flour and rub it all over the pin, up and down to give it a good coating.

This flour coating will ensure that the dough won’t stick to the pin. That’s how we ensure that it is very easy to clean.

You can wash it by hand with water and soap and then let it dry completely before storing it. Or you can dust off the flour with a towel and that’s it.

How to Use a Rolling Pin for Pizza Dough

If you get an amoeba-shaped dough even when you’re using a perfectly good pin then you should maybe read on how to use a rolling pin to stretch the dough into the shape that you want.

If you want to skip on reading, here’s a quick YouTube video that teaches us just that.

One of the most important steps is to coat the pin with flour. Grab a handful and rub it all over the pin, whether it’s wooden or made of metal.

Obviously, your ball of dough should also sit comfortably on a layer of flour.

Now, all the ways in which the dough can stick to the pin or to your working surface are eliminated. You’re ready for the stretching.

Another important aspect to pay attention to is that your ball of dough needs to be nicely round. If it’s not round, it can influence the shape of the dough as it’s stretched. If it seems that it won’t turn round, then go for a square shape. Maybe that’s easier for you.

Start from the middle of the dough and start rolling the pin all the way out forward. Then pick up the pin, put it back in the middle again and then roll it all the way out towards you.

Now, you have a very long oval shape.

Twist the dough on your working surface and repeat those two rolling movements once again.

If you roll out the pin from the middle and twist after each two rolls, you won’t get an uneven dough, thicker on one side and thinner on the other. You’ll be able to get a nicely even very thin crust.

Don’t make small movements with your pin. Roll the pin all the way out from the middle and twist the dough. That’s all there is to it.

Why I Prefer Using a Pin for Stretching Dough

When I wrote my article on pizza dough rollers, I declared that my choice and preference is a rolling pin. I know that there are machines that can be used or we can use our hands but machines are so very expensive and they occupy space that small kitchens don’t have.

I have definitely tried stretching the dough with my hands but I still can’t get used to it. There are plenty of YouTube videos that show the exact steps and the proper technique, if you want to give it a try.

The thing is that when I decided to make my own pizza at home, when I had my first ball of dough on the table in front of me, I immediately went to one of my drawers and grabbed my rolling pin. Since that’s how I started about 15 years ago or maybe more, that’s how I continue to this day. And I’m perfectly content with that.

For me, this method is very quick and efficient. I only need a few rolls and I’m done. I can also clearly feel the thickness of dough.

Plus, I get a round shape perfectly round and a square shape nicely square. I can easily make the pizza in any shape I want in just a few seconds.

That’s why I will always prefer using the best rolling pin for pizza dough, even if I love watching professional bakers throw their dough in the air.