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Best Affordable Stand Mixers: Awesome Picks on a Budget

best affordable stand mixers

Is there such a thing as the best affordable stand mixers? Yes, they do indeed exist.

Their number is quite restricted but I am definitely going to recommend some pretty impressive stand mixers that you should check out if you are on a budget.

Stand mixers are definitely famous not only for how versatile are and absolutely helpful they can be  for making dough, pastry, and all kinds of desserts but also for how expensive they are.

We all know about the famous KitchenAid models but what are your options if you can’t afford those so-expensive KitchenAid stand mixers?

If you don’t want to spend $200-$300 on a stand mixer, you should definitely check out the models reviewed just below in this post.

Top 3 Best Affordable Stand Mixers

I definitely have a favorite when it comes to the best affordable stand mixers. Since it’s my favorite, I’m going to review it first but check out the other mixers, too. Our tastes might differ.

If you want to compare these pretty cheap options to what other price ranges offer, check out my post on the best stand mixers for bread.

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer 7 Speed – My Top Pick

Hamilton Beach has some of the most affordable bread machines and they extend that tradition to creating one of the best affordable stand mixers.

This is an impressive model with many impressive features. The price is very very close to $100. I guess we can still regard it as a best stand mixer under $100.

Let’s see what makes it my favorite and my first recommendation.

The top feature: planetary mixing action

The feature that the manufacturer seems to be most proud of is the fact that this Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer 7 Speed has planetary mixing action.

It’s something that KitchenAid models have. So, you can get a stand mixer with planetary mixing action for a third of the price thanks to Hamilton Beach.

The planetary mixing action mainly means one thing: the attachments are capable of thoroughly incorporating and mixing the ingredients without leaving the sides of the bowl untouched, it gives complete bowl coverage.

It imitates planets orbiting the sun, hence the name.


This is a stand mixer on the smaller side. I can’t say that it’s the most beautiful stand mixer but it still has a nice design. You can pick from 4 colors: black, blue, red, and silver. It can fit a variety of tastes and designs.

It’s a tilt-head model, like most stand mixers are, even those that cost 3 times more than this Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer 7 Speed.

The difference is that it’s made of plastic.

There’s a button that you should press when you want to tilt it up. You should hold the handle and press the button when you want to tilt it up.

Handle it with care, don’t make brusque movements with the top and it’s going to last a long time.


It comes with a 4 quarts bowl. It’s definitely on the smaller side but, as long as you’re just an amateur baker, you’re going to love it.

Even if the bowl is on the smaller side, you can still make big loaves with it. The mixer will knead the ingredients for you in a few minutes.

There are also the classic accessories: dough hook, flat beater, and whisk. There’s also a removable splash guard, like more expensive models have.


There are 7 speeds, just as the name suggests. The speeds and which one works for what is inscribed on the top of the mixer. It’s a nice quick guide that saves you time.

Speed 3 is for kneading dough.

It has a 300 watts motor, which makes it a pretty capable reasonably powerful stand mixer.

2. Cheaper Alternative: Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Stand Mixer

A slightly more affordable option is this 6 speed stand mixer from Hamilton Beach.

Yes, I’m well aware that I’m recommending another model from the same manufacturer but it’s also one of the cheapest best stand mixers so, I really have no choice.

This one has an even smaller 3.5 quart bowl. I think it’s perfect for those with small families or for single people.

The good news is that it has the same planetary mixing action as the slightly more expensive Hamilton Beach from above.

There are only 6 speeds but this is still a powerful model with a 300 watts motor.

The dough hook can be used for kneading dough on the first 2 speeds. The flat beater can be used on the entire array of 6 speeds. And the whisk should be used on 5 and 6 speeds.

It offers enough versatility for amateur bakers who don’t expect absolute perfection.

The tilt-up head design is expected. Just as it’s no surprise that it’s made of plastic and not metal.

As long as you handle it with care when you tilt it up or let it down, there will be no problems with its construction.

3. Cusimax Stand Mixer – Best Value for Money

Another very good choice when it comes to shopping for the best affordable stand mixer is this one from Cusimax.

Some buyers describe it as the best value for money, that’s a great encouragement for checking it out.


Again, there won’t be any first award for beauty but it looks pretty good. That’s enough for me.

You get to choose from 4 colors for the models made of plastic: black, blue, green, red.

For extra cost you can pick from the two stainless steel models: red and silver. It’s a surprise that you can go for the stainless steel construction but the plastic models are just as good.

There’s also a button that will let you tilt up the head.

Again, handle it with care. That goes for absolutely all models not only for the best affordable stand mixers.

Planetary Mixing Action

Once again we have another affordable option that has planetary mixing action. It’s definitely great that we can get awesome quality and top features for lower prices.

The planetary mixing action will cover all the sides of the bowl when incorporating and mixing the ingredients. No sides are left untouched.

It’s great for making anything you want, including kneading dough without difficulties.


It’s a large model that comes with a 5 quarts stainless steel bowl. The large capacity makes it great for larger families, too.

We also have the common accessories: dough hook, mixing beater, whisk, and splash guard. The accessories are not dishwasher safe.


There are only 3 speeds, it’s very basic in this sense: slow, middles, and fast. Bread dough should be made on the min speed.

Cusimax’s website describes this one as having an 800w motor, which is very strong.

And with that I will end my reviews for the best affordable stand mixers, I hope you can find what you need and fits your budget.